Reasons to Choose Magento.

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Ten Reasons you Should try Magento

Magento is an e-commerce application that gives online business owners the opportunity to build their online business how they wish, and it allows users of this software to expand the business through the use of Magento e-commerce applications. Some of the main features of Magento include product browsing, comparison of products, customer accounts, search engine optimization for increased traffic by visitors, marketing tools for your online business, and secure credit card processing. Here are ten reasons why you should use Magento for your online store.

Excellent Administration Features

One reason why you should try Magento’s e-commerce application is because of the web design features. For example, the application’s order management feature allows you to view your most recent orders and keep a file of your invoices from your suppliers without the hassle and paperwork. And this lets customers re-order from the account they have with your business. And you can offer customers the opportunity to view your product selections on their mobile phones.

User-Friendly for Customers

Magento offers an effective shopping experience for your customers with nice features such as wish lists, reviews of your products and the ability to create e-newsletters to send to customers on your mailing list so you can increase revenue.

Safe Payment Processing

Your customers’ personal information and credit card account numbers will be kept safe on your website thanks to Magento’s secure payment processing feature, combined with an SSL certificate installed by us. Customers are much more likely to buy if your site is safe and secure. Included with every eCommerce site we build.

Offers Ability to Get Feedback

Because Magento integrates with Google Analytics, you can look at various statistics allowing you to determine what you’re doing right and how you can improve the customers’ shopping experience with your online business.

Anti-Fraud Features

By integrating with SagePay Magento offers an anti-fraud feature which enables you to review your customers’ transactions and the anti-fraud feature offers real time analytics that helps you detect possible fraud regarding your business.

Highly customisable

We can make your online business attractive visually. We know Magento inside out and can make it do anything (within reason) you may need it to do. We haven’t had a request yet that we haven’t been able to create with Magento – try and surprise us!

SEO Features

Magento’s e-commerce application is also search engine friendly so it will be easy for your online business to receive high search engine rankings.

Ability to Create More Than One Online Store

Magento allows you to create multiple web stores at once and you can track the success and operations of these stores through a single administrative panel, making your job easier. We have implemented this recently for one of our customers and it works extremely well.

Ease of Use

Magento’s features are not difficult to work with so this allows you to focus more on providing high quality products to your customers. Further addons can be installed or created to make your job even easier – ask us for more information.

Time Saver

Magento’s many features save you lots of time and this makes having an online business a breeze!

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